About Us


BodyWise Personal Fitness Training Studio provides quality, one-on-one personal training service to individuals seeking to improve their overall health and well being in a non-competitive gym environment. BodyWise Studio prides ourselves with the knowledge that all our certified trainers meet the highest industry standards. We have been told that we do raise the bar in fitness.

We Make Your Fitness Our Business

Each client is carefully matched with a trainer to suit clients’ comfort level as well as their fitness success. Our studio is an exclusive facility in that it feels more like home, a non-competitive, private environment.  Clients’ pre-booked appointment sessions highlight our commitment to our clients. When you join the BodyWise you are making a wise investment in your health.  As your fitness partners, we ensuring your fitness goals are achieved.

Our qualified team empowers and inspires each and every client. Whether you are looking to tone your body, lose weight, or simply improve your overall body image. We offer our clients an individualized personalized training session in an exclusive and non- intimidating facility. You will never experience line ups or have to sign up to use our equipment. And knowing that you have a set appointment scheduled for your workout ensures a mutual commitment to your fitness goals.

Our Services

As each client has different needs and goals, we tailor each program to fit your exact needs. Whether you are searching for the right place to begin your fitness journey or you are looking for the perfect, non-competitive gym to improve your overall health and lifestyle, BodyWise is the studio for you.  We offer:

  • Personalized Training
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Resistance Training
  • Flexibility
  • Weight Control
  • Nutrition Guidance

Make The Decision That WILL Change Your Life

By taking control of your lifestyle, and improving the quality of your life, BodyWise Studio is open daily from 6:00am – 9:00pm. Let BodyWise Studio help you achieve your results. At BodyWise your results  are guaranteed.