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I am doing more than I ever thought I could

After losing 25 pounds through diet and lots of walking, I wanted to build strength and get into shape. I wanted Michelle Obama’s arms, Madonna’s abds and Pippa’s derriere. I’m not there yet but thanks to Katherine and BodyWise I’ve made great progress. My trainer keeps me motivated and challenged and I am doing more than I ever thought I could. Carol P.

In my first month at BODYWISE I lost 20 lbs

When I initially decided to join BODYWISE I was a bit intimidated and unsure. However following my assessment with Katherine I was very comfortable and eager to start. Katherine understood my struggles and made me feel confident in reaching my goals. My first session with Hermes I was completely motivated and comfortable. Hermes has continuously encouraged me throughout this life changing process, never letting me give up when I felt tired, discouraged or embarrassed, in those moments of frustration I felt Hermes’s commitment to my goals and his support. In my first month at BODYWISE I lost 20 lbs, I am overjoyed with the results and feel I have more energy and now look forward to working out. I totally recommend BODYWISE to anyone who needs the extra push, call today and you’ll be glad you did, I sure am :) Sabrina

“I have arthritis and have had many trainers”

“I have arthritis and have had many trainers but they just push and don’t understand when I can’t go further. At BodyWise they understand and have empathy for those that hurt. Through the workouts at BodyWise I am more mobile and I am getting stronger, I could feel it, it’s a wonderful feeling”…..Helen Duma

“I recommend BodyWise Studio”

“I recommend BodyWise Studio to everyone, Its one of the best things I’ve done for myself. BodyWise always makes me feel like I’m the number one client by spending a lot of time with me and no question is to dumb to ask, they are all so very helpful. I had no idea I would look and feel so much better so quickly. I owe it all to BodyWise Personal Fitness Training”….R Stewart

“I was a mess physically..

“I was a mess physically, and decided what I really needed to stay motivated, on track, and get healthy was a personal trainer. No more group classes or impersonal gyms. Been there, done that, doesn’t work for me at this stage of my life. But it had to be someone that I could relate to age wise, health wise, convenience wise and most important, connection wise. I checked out a number of gyms and trainers and they were all cookie-cutter. Until I stumbled upon Katherine and BodyWise. I am so pleased with the attention, the expertise, the knowledge and the caring that I receive each time I come for a workout. The exercises fit how I feel and what condition my body is in that day. Oh yes, they push but with utmost sensitivity to how each movement can alleviate, recondition and strengthen. No mindless reps. Something new each time I come, I’m never bored. I highly recommend BodyWise”…Helen Duma

“I’ve noticed changes in how I feel”

I have never felt better as I do now.  My doctor told me that my high blood pressure is due to my being overweight.  I had to lose weight.  By exercising and following the program at BodyWise Personal Fitness Training Studio, I have lost 30 pounds and I know I am healthier, my blood pressure is down, I feel and look great in my new clothes…..M. Steve